Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kindergarten Poem

That day has come.  The day when I close the chapter of a little one's time with me. 

Little Pink Backpack
This morning I watched

The back of your little pink backpack

As you marched with golden

Curls into a fall


I think when I hugged you

A string from my heart

Attached itself to that

Little backpack,
Because with each

I feel it stretch

As if it might burst.
Yet I realize

This means
You’re not looking back.

You’re happy,

Moving forward
To meet your life without regret or remorse.

I hope I’ve done right.

From that first moment
When they placed you in my arms,
Your tiny baby cry

Made me cry too.
I loved you,

Watched you grow,
Smile for the first time,

Take first tentative steps,
Smear baby food on

Your head,

Look for bugs,
Read books,

Welcome little siblings with
Now maybe you’ve packed up

Those memories,
With my love,

Into your tiny backpack,
Ready to see what


The strings are still attached

To my heart,
You’ll never know.

But I’ll be watching my baby,
And loving you,

And remembering
Our time together,

As my little girl
Marches toward Womanhood

On this sunny autumn morning.

   (with Grandpa)
Speaking of something sentimental that reminds me of my own childhood, I heard a story on NPR about John Boswell's PBS remixes.  Some are funny and quirky and inspiring.  This one with Mr. Rogers brought backs some serious memories and made me cry.  :)


  1. My little girl starts Kindergarten this year too, tomorrow. I wish we had another year like I did with the boys. Oh, those summer birthdays they make the time so short.

    1. Yes! My oldest two had summer birthdays and the time flew before they were in school. I know I had extra time with this one, maybe it just added to the illusion that I could really keep her a little longer. :)