Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Things I Want to Remember

Three year old calls sunscreen "sunscream."

My six year old calls rodeos "radios."  ("Mom, lets go to the radio.")

She used to call the elevator the "elligator."

Baby is cutest little parrot right now-- any time we ask the kids a question, my baby raises his hand and says "me!"   If the kids say "I do!"  So does he.  The other day in the car we were listening to Treasure Island and the kids started singing "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!" and baby would say "RUMMMM!"  Ha ha, especially since we're teetotalers around here.

Nine year old's room emitting a strange glow at night-- that is when I know she is reading by wandlight.  :)

Ten made up his own joke-- "did you know the scriptures command us not to grow up?  They say 'thou shalt not commit adultery.'" (he did't even know what that was)  He found a funny site that listed actual bloopers written on church programs (not Mormon).  We laughed our guts out.  He is so fun to laugh with. Our favorites:

"This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs. Lewis to come forward and lay an egg on the altar."

"The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.'"

"Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person(s) you want remembered."

"Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Don't forget your husbands."

"At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be "What Is @#!*% ?" Come early and listen to our choir practice."
See here (scroll halfway down page to "Church Bulletin Bloopers") and here for a good laugh.

Busy day today...I have some fun pictures of the weekend, can't wait to post them!  Also, excited for a new month's resolutions.  Found anything lately that makes you laugh?  We'd love to hear!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Great Day #56


Planetarium, IMAX, museum.

Favorite activity of the day was doing a traditional Mexican dance in the museum.  There was a touch-screen that allowed you to select a song then follow a dancer in traditional dress from a large mirror.  Baby was dancing like crazy, little girls liked it too, and my oldest son even tried the male version.  SO super fun and addictive! 

Do you have any plans this weekend?  Its been hot, but for some reason I haven't minded it.  Do you have any activities you love to do when it's hot outside? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Being Needed

We had a rough day yesterday.  For some reason, I had not one, but two little ones who both wanted to be held most of the day.  Even after spending time together at a mom and tot music class in the morning.  I'd try to get the baby playing on his own, and after just a few seconds he would come teetering into the kitchen like a little old drunken sailor, saying "ma," or "mommy!"  Then he would rush into my arms with his outstretched and the happiest look on his face.  Not really sad, just wanting for me to show him bugs and birds out the window.  If I put him down, he'd cling to my legs and cry until I picked him back up.

My little three year-old, too, wanted my attention.  I was trying so hard to be patient, mentally, since she is getting big and is heavy and hard to hold.  Unlike her brother, she was really unhappy.  I could tell she was mostly tired and needed my attention; she seems to get the short end of the stick sometimes, being in the middle of others whose needs often seem more urgent (feeding the baby or taking someone to school or soccer).  I wanted to pay attention to her, but I had so many things I needed to get to-- my dishes, crumbs spread to kingdom come, and that pile of laundry in my room that seems to magically replace any clothes I remove. 

Everywhere I looked, someone or something needed my attention, and it didn't feel like they were getting it.

On top of it, I get these spells of vertigo every few months.  The room feels like it is spinning any time I turn my head in any direction other than straight ahead.  I was feeling really nauseated from all the spinning. 

I tried to be a good sport but I was frustrated and tired.  Finally I put my little girl in her room for a while since she would whine every time I put her down.  Soon she was quiet, so I went to check on her. 

Her cute little dirty feet especially tugged at my heart.  She is still little, and needs me, and I don't want to miss it.

Then I read this mom's post (made me especially teary) and this one.  And I remembered that magical time with each of my newborn babies, alone in a hospital room, just us, that sweet newborn smell and soft little fuzzy brown head.  Time seemed to stand still as my heart seemed so full it would burst.  Each one was such a miracle.  Each time I couldn't believe how blessed I was to be a mom again-- to have another perfect little angel in my care. 

Those early days are so busy, changing and feeding and staring in awe at little fingers and toes and wide-mouth yawns.  But now they are gone for me forever.  No more quivering chin, tiny balled up body on my chest, no more little onesies to smell when they are asleep.  It goes so fast. 

Some day my laundry will be done, folded and put away, and my house will be quiet and still.  My little ones will be off, independent, living their lives, and I'll be home in my clean house.  And I'll pull out a little scrawled drawing, or a tiny onesie, or a worn-out photograph, and remember these special, crazy, chaotic  days when little people needed me.  Needed me to hold them and love them and tell them stories.  Needed me to worry about them and calm their fears and listen to their stories.  Needed me. 
Even though there seems like there is not quite enough of me to go around some days, I'm so blessed to be the one everyone needs.  Because its really me who needs them more than anything.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Night-time Conversation

Putting my kids to bed, all in one room (they love to have sleepovers in the summer, even if it means sleeping right on the floor with a blanket and pillow...btw, forget that schedule!), and the room was humming with bits of floating conversation.  Frequently they all talk to me at once and don't seem to notice that others are also doing the same (do other people's kids do this?).

Here is how it went (roughly):

Six year-old: I don't want to get leprosy!

Me:  Don't worry, I'm not even sure leprosy exists anymore, especially in our country [I've since apprised myself of the facts].

Nine year-old:  Wouldn't it be cool to be a demi-god like Percy or Annabeth?

Me:  Uh-huh.

Six wails: I don't want my skin to fall off!

Three year old:  I love to choose the right.

Me:  That's wonderful.  [To my six] Honey, your skin is not going to fall off (where did she even learn about leprosy?).

Ten year-old: Mom, did you know some lizards squirt blood out of their eyes to protect themselves?

Baby:  Nie, nie. (translation: light, light)

Me:  Yes, that's a light.  [To ten year-old]  Wow, pretty cool.

Six year old:  But how do you know my skin won't fall off (still in a really wail-y voice)?

Me:  I promise you don't have leprosy and there is NO leprosy where we live.

Nine year-old:  Mom, if you could be the daughter of a god, who would it be-- Poseidon, Zeus, or Athena? [she loves Percy Jackson]

Ten: And such-and such animals can eat ten times their body weight?

Six wails:  But how do you KNOW? 

Baby: blah, blah, mommy.

Me: I don't know much about Greek gods.  Oh, you just said "mommy!"  Honey, you are not going to die of leprosy this minute.  You need to go to bed.

Six:  But what if my fingers fall off?  Is leprosy worse than frost bite?  (someone told her about frostbite once and she wouldn't sleep then, either, worrying her fingers would fall off)

Ten:  I saw a snake in our back yard digesting a mouse.  You could see the tail and everything.  [to six year-old]  Leprosy does make your skin fall off (Wail!), but Mom's right.  You probably won't get it.

Wow.  Fun times. :)  Part of the time she was calling leprosy "leopard-sy."  Ha, ha.

Do your kids have any funny, irrational fears?  Is it hard to keep a straight face?

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I woke up with a cute little hand in my face!  Then I realized I had my phone right by my bed to document the dear moment!  Aren't I the luckiest lady to wake up with two such handsome guys?

My son was trying to take a picture of the two littlest ones-- he had the baby on Ava's lap when they unaccountably tumbled backwards off the bed right on their heads (and I was standing there, trying to get them to smile!).  We had a sad few minutes but I'm glad they are ok.

I found a couple of zoo pictures and videos my little Isa took at the zoo the other day.

Later I realized that Ava was pulling the baby around with a hula hoop and he was limp as a rag, smiling and having a great time. :)