Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Sorry for the terrible posting record!

I am thinking about making this blog private.  If you would like a blog invitation, send me an email in the next couple of weeks, okay?

Love to all.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goal Update and a Few Funnies

I haven't updated on goals for a while, so here goes.  :)

Remember when I updated our job chart?  We went from this (we still use it for Saturdays after all) to this:

The simplicity makes it easy to keep track of, but I'm kind of intermittent on the reinforcement end, so we've had mixed results.  I think it would work just fine if I kept up with it!  We find ourselves pretty busy on weekdays with sports, piano, dance, homework, etc, so I'm not too bent out of shape if I have to sweep the floor myself while someone practices, though I feel that I could definitely do better in this area.

Remember when I worked on some personal things like exercising and getting up early?  (it was a roller coaster!  I made it a goal a couple of times and struggled with it both times)  I have almost weaned the little one, which has made a huge difference in my energy levels (and wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be!).  He slept through the night for the first time a couple of months ago, after I'd cut back on the nursing (I know, I know, don't say what you're thinking :) ).  I have been able to get up early consistently and exercise, and it has been amazing!  I can't believe how much more I get done, too.  Somehow that has made the transition out of nursing easier (I was so worried I would be super sad when I was done nursing!).

Being able to exercise, sleep through the night, and be able to get things done around here has been a huge mood booster for me.  I'm planning on being completely done with nursing here in the next month or so (famous last words!  my loved ones are probably tired of hearing this), and this month I've been working on adding in a little more quality time with the little ones each day.  While I still don't know any better, I'd like to take the extra time I was spending nursing and spend it on the kids.  So far this month, we've been enjoying beautiful weather, so we've gone on a lot of bike rides, we've visited lots of parks, we even had a picnic in the back yard yesterday.  I'm always surprised (even though I know better) that I often feel a little harried before I spend time with the kids, with laundry and dishes and other things calling me away, but once I get started, I really enjoy myself and I'm always glad I did it.  The littlest boy has been asking me to do things "a-gether," as in, "come on, Mom!  Let's go down the slide a-gether!  Let's have lunch a-gether!" (he wants me to sit right next to him, I have to slide my chair right next to his)  So cute.

Here are a few funny things they've said recently.

E. looked at some pink clouds around sunset the other day and asked me-- "are they hot?" (the clouds)  When it looks like its going to rain, his older sister asks me if the clouds are "filthy."

E. calls the swimming pool the "swimming cool."

A. says funny things too.  One day she left a toy at a friends house and begged and begged to go back and get it.  I had so many other things going on it just wasn't too high on my priority list, you know?  Finally she said, "Mom, have mercy on a poor girl!  Can't we just go get it?  I mean, have mercy!"  That made me laugh, and it made me go get her giraffe.

E. choked the other night on something, and when he was done, he let out a breathy sigh of relief.  With big eyes he turned to my husband and said "I was...a dragon!"  Now he says that every time he coughs or gags.

The other day he told me "I need my coat.  My knees are cold."

I overheard the littlest girl having a very frank conversation with a couple of preschool friends one day and it struck me funny.  I tried to imagine adults having a similarly honest conversation and it made me laugh.  My daughter said to her friend, "you're my friend.  I like you.  But sometimes you're mean."  Her friend, not at all offended, nodded and said "yeah.  And sometimes when I come to your house I have fun and sometimes I get scared."  To which mine replied, "yeah, me too.  Sometimes when I go to your house I want to go home."

I hope you have a great weekend!  I forgot to report that my leg is feeling much better-- thank you for the concern some of you have so kindly shared!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Morning-after candy coma.

I think the kids had a great Halloween, in spite of a near-bomb because I was feeling terrible!  I had surgery a week ago Friday and I have been in a lot of pain.  It was a crazy week for a post-surgery mom of 5, with two Halloween piano recitals, dance carpool, preschool, Halloween parades at the school, music class, and the like!

Day after Halloween was so beautiful!  I had to go out and take a few photos.  I love watching the leaves change, but there is something extra special when your very own trees do it.  So fun to watch.

 A last minute pumpkin (literally carved in the five minutes between dinner and trick-or-treating.  I love it.  It has a lot of character.)

 My husband made a "pumpkin patch" for dinner.

 The beautiful girl in the photo above made these adorable costumes for the kids' animals.

Goodbye Halloween!  See you next year!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crazy Home Photo Shoot and Other Goings On

I have been wanting to take the kids photos for ages, but the littlest one got a black eye (his sister got him with her elbow when swinging) that lasted forever (okay, just a few weeks, he bumped it in the same spot when it was almost better!).  Our schedule is a bit busy at the moment, we have something going on after school nearly every day.  And our hot water tank has decided to work sometimes, and not other times, so there were times when I couldn't give anyone a bath.  Sorry, too much information!  We finally got around to doing photos a week ago, but I got out the door a few minutes too late and so we had to just jump out in a spot that wasn't where I'd planned to take photos, and it got dark so fast I wasn't able to take very many.  I didn't get a single picture with everyone smiling or looking at the camera, darn it.  Oh well.  Turns out one at the first of the post is one of my favorites.

 Frisco, Colorado!  So beautiful.  Now I want to go back and spend some time there!
 This is where we stayed on the scrapbook retreat-- it was so refreshing.

So many of my most favorite, inspirational, funny, kind ladies in one spot.  I am so lucky to count them as friends!  (and some other favorites not pictured here!)
 I heard noises one night after the kids were supposed to be in bed.  When I went upstairs I found them dressed in black playing "ninjas."  Nice.
My favorite time of year!  I got to look at these gorgeous mountains while I wrote my book-- perfect inspiration!

One reason I wasn't around last week like I meant to be (hall of shame, I'm so sorry), is that I had surgery on the varicose veins in one of my legs.  I'll update you soon.  (it hurts!  but I think I'm going to be glad later when my ginormous purple bruise finally stops hurting!)

Love to all.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Little Update

I was going to post twice this week, and here I am.  I can't stop fiddling with my book, as terrible as it probably is.

The kids have been home on vacation this week, so we've done some fun things together; we visited a Planetarium, the pumpkin patch, and several parks.  We've had a good time.  :)  

There are some funny things my kids have said recently, here goes one of them (I thought I'd been storing them up, and I just can't remember!):

One day we were getting out of the car and my oldest son (12) said to the little boy (2), ruffling his hair affectionately (and rhetorically, I might add), "are you my minion?"  to which Emerson replied in a tiny halting voice, "we're.....all.....minions."  We laughed so hard at that.  :)

I wish I could remember the rest, sigh.

One day I filled the bath for an older child and then went downstairs to work on the dishes.  I could tell by the sounds filtering down the stairs that Emerson had gotten in too, which was fine with me since he was with said older child and the sounds of the two playing were so happy.  I didn't even think too much about it until he came squishing down the stairs fully clothed!  He even had his rain boots on, which squirted and squished out water with every step.  His held his little arms away from his body, his clothes hanging on him heavily while he dripped a puddle on the floor!  I laughed so hard about the boots-- they were hard to pull off when full of water!  I didn't get the best photo, but here it is:

And you get to see my nice clean floor to boot.  Just to make you feel like you've had a vicarious adventure today!  I hope you have a great weekend.  I have more photos for next week.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Back Soon

Dearest ones,

I promise I will be back soon!  I have some great photos of our Labor Day weekend.  I have goal reports to make.  I have funny stories to tell you.  I have been busy with the start of school and...a novel I started a few weeks ago just for fun; it may be embarrassingly terrible, but it feels great to get the ideas out of my head and on to paper after sitting in my head for almost two years!  I have had to sneak in some writing time at nap time, and now that I've started I just want to finish!  I will see you soon.

Love to all.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I was honored to write a guest post about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on Pete Quily's blog Adult ADD Strengths.  This was a really fun series to read, full of adventure, gods and monsters, and likeable heroes.  Riordan wrote the series for his son, who was struggling in school and eventually diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia (his son has now completed a 500 page manuscript of his own).  Most of the demigods in the series have ADHD and dyslexia, which makes school challenging but also gives them their great battle reflexes (and signals that they are wired to read ancient Greek, not English).  Percy Jackson, rare son of the sea god Poseidon, is an endearing hero on par with the likes of Harry Potter.  Read my review on Pete's blog here

I try to find positives about ADD on my blog in order to make the best of it! :)  But some days it is a real challenge.  What about you?  Do you struggle with a challenge that is both a blessing and a curse?